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A propos de sa mère A propos de ses filles A propos des légendes celtiques
Cliftone grange hotel






Black rose

A propos de son antimilitarisme A propos de sa mélancolie A propos de ses excès
Angel of death

Military man


Old town

Got to give it up

Dancing in the moonlight

A propos de son pays A propos de sa femme A propos de sa façon de vivre



Baby please don't go

Do anything you want

Freedom song


Quelques extraits :

If you see my mother

Please give her all of my love

For she has a heart of gold there

As good as God above

If you see my mother

Tell her I'm keeping fine

Tell her that I love her

And I'll try and write sometime

( Philomena )


When you came in my life you changed my world My Sarah

Everything seemed so right my baby girl My Sarah

You are all I want to know

You hold my heart so don't let go

You are all I need to live

My love to you I'll give My Sarah

When you begin to smile you change my style My Sarah

When I look in your eyes I see my prize My Sarah

( Sarah )

Tell my mama and tell my pa

That their fine young son didn't get far

He made it to the end of a bottle

Sitting in a sleazy bar

He tried hard but his spirit broke

He tried until he nearly choked

In the end he lost his

Bottle drinking alcohol

( got to give it up )


Tell me the legends of long ago

When the kings and queens would dance in the realm of the Black Rose

Play me the melodies I want to know

So I can teach my children, oh

Pray tell me the story of young Cœ Chulainn

How his eyes were dark his expression sullen

And how he'd fight and always won

And how they cried when he was fallen

( blackrose )


I was hanging out in Berline

In the year one hundred nineteen and thirty nine

I've seen Hitler's storm troopers

March right across the Maginot line

I was afraid then

As I am now

The Lord did not hear him

He went anyhow

( angel of death )

Check it out, check his face

Look at his eyes, they're so sly

I wonder why he cries from the inside

I wonder why he's a renegade

( renegade )


This is dedicated to the woman I love

Wherever she stands - my dedication

This is dedicated to the millions

That are starving from hunger - in dedication

( dedication )


I've been spending my money

In the old town

It's not the same honey

When you're not around

I've been spending my time

In the old town

I sure miss you honey

Now you're not aroundNow you're not around

This old town

( old town )

I tried to warn you baby

I tried to tell you I was down

You would not listen baby

You would not hel pme when I was down

He tells her "Doesn't anybody understand I love her?"

That girl she holds my heart in her hands

( baby please don't go )

And if you hear I was kissing another

Don't be jealous it's only your mother

So take it from father to daughter

This song is for Cathleen

And if you hear that I kissed your sister

Don't be jealous for how could I resist her

Don't be angry for one day you might miss her

She's oh so like Cathleen


( cathleen )

  Down from the glen came the marching men

With their shields and their swords

To fight the fight they believed to be right

Overthrow the overlords

To the town where there was plenty

They brought plunder, swords and flame

When they left the town was empty

Children would never play again

( Emerald )